Startup Weekend Tirana wins "Best Innovation Accelerator" award

05/21/2015 | By Aneida Bajraktari

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It started with a group of young professionals,  fresh out of school, who believed that they could do more then just sit on the sidelines, waiting for someone to come by and see the worth of their idea. They got together, joined forces, ideas and experiences, and started what is now known as Startup Weekend Tirana, part of the world wide movement of Startup Weekend. The team has worked hard, often at the expenses of their family or personal time, to organize the 54 hour gatherings for the young entrepreneurs, innovators, tech-lovers and other young professionals.


And this 12 May, their hard work paid off, as they were honored by the 6th Infocom Albania as "Best Innovation Accelerator"

Infocom Albania is an annual Forum held in Tirana capital and serves as a platform for discussing the latest innovative initiatives in Albania, the challenges that companies face in this sector, ect. The main theme was “Time for Business”, at which participated many CEOs, CMOs, COOs and representatives of Albanian and international telecommunication companies. The conference was divided in three sessions, where each session gave the opportunity to telecommunication companies to speak about innovation, connectivity and their products. Startup Weekend Tirana was present at the 3d session, called "Leaders summit". The organizing team was present during the award.

"We feel honored to be here today and we feel responsible for being entitled as "future leaders". This price is an inspiration to continue organizing more Startup Weekend Tirana Events and have some impact on the new generaton" said Aneida Bajraktari, lead organizer of Startup Weekend Tirana.


For the team, the award received is a great encouragement to continue forward with their project. it's the motivation they need, as they gear up for the upcoming Startup Weekend Tirana, which this time around will focus on tourism, cultural heritage and innovation.