Startup Weekend Tirana 4 – Tourism and Cultural Heritage Edition

06/01/2015 | By Aneida Bajraktari

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Tung is in an innovative web application and mobile app with two features, TungPAL & TungLAR. PAL-Point and Learn that aims to give all the information about a monument by scaning a QR code. LAR-Location Augmented Reality is the feature that gives all the information about a monument only by scaning directly the monument.

Ermir Korbeci (Team Leader), Enxhi Hamzallari, Adela Kadiasi


  1. Motive Shqiptare

We use foreign motives in our everyday lives instead of Albanian ones. It’s time to change that. Motive Shqiptare is a site focused on packing Albanian Motives, ranging from Children Games to Albanian Dances in online and physical packages.

Enes Kristo (Team Leader), Xhoi Rapi


  1. is the first Market Place for local guide.Traveler can find professional and amateur guide, depending on their wishes and budget! Everyone who wants to be a guide, can do it through our Market Place.

Find your local guide for:

  • History
  • Archeology
  • Extreme Sports
  • Mountain or Beaches
  • Culinary
  • Nightlife

OUR TEAM: Adela Kallanxhi (Team Leader), Shpëtim Dushku (Web Developer), Marsel Laçka (Designer), Lorenc Doda (Web Developer)


  1. Gjirokastra site navigator

Creation of a mobile application witch offers a multi information for the city of Gjirokastra. Historical Buildings, Hostel/Hotel, Restorants&Bar, Regional Cams, Handcraft

OUR TEAM: Marvin Petrela (Team leader), Andia Shtembari, Edvin Lamce, Esion Meculi, Gentjan Kolicaj

  1. is a platform based on customer experience . Services through which we create value are multi angular touristic platform that not just includes but also engages the user and the customer. The platform gets the job done by transferring you from one experience to another. The idea is that after finding a place you get the next experience suggested therefore not leaving it a dead end as other platforms do.

OUR TEAM: Albina Cuni (Team leader), Ana Shkreta, Rezart Prifti, Irola Andoni



Currently only branded hotels have the opportunity to promote themselves through various online hotel-booking sites. However there is a large number of guesthouses still unexploited. Shtepi-Pushimi aims to be a marketplace that delivers a unique reservation/booking experience to such local guesthouses, apartments, spare rooms, villas, etc. and tourists. This platform will be mobile and web based. This will impact the tourism in those sites and also provide an overall better image of Albania on both national and international scale.

OUR TEAM: Sabri Nuzi (Team leader), Nertil Zhuri, Nafi Xhafa, Ervin Dervishaj

  1. STA (Student touristic agency)

The first tourism agency segmented students by offering buget tour packeges. This agency its made for students  by students helping them trevel more and spend less.

OUT TEAM: Armada Molla ( Team Leader), Anisa Kote, Artemisa Muca, Andi Thomaj, Aida Morina

  1. Virtual museum of Gjirokaster – 3D Museum

Explore the city through the visual technology KINECT. The Kinect sensor are perfoming augmented reality, with emphasis on cultural heritage applications. What we will offer in the museum is the combination of the technology with the beautiful attraction of the City of Stone

Our team: Alfisa Shahu (Team Leader), Ana Burnazi


A mobile application aimed at all the travelers interested on visiting Albania. will not only provide extensive information on favorite tourist destinations in Albania but it will also help them get around using a location based feature. This free app will be your trusty traveling companion.

Our team: Ina Sina (Team leader), Fabio Cimo, Gerta Dervishi, Enduena Lleshanaku, Denisa Cekrezi, Shpetim Dervishi, Ardit Dine


  1. Digital Heritage



  1. Zig Zag