Why You Can’t Miss FinTech Startup Weekend

06/13/2016 | By Josh Callaghan

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

FinTech is shaping the way that consumers and financial institutions are interacting and it's a permanent shift. It's a move from closed to open, from centralized to distributed, and from 'in a few days' to now. What's more, is that there's an engaged community of people waiting to share, collaborate and create with you.

When Adrian and I launched NextBank Brisbane (aka Next Money) we weren't sure how strong the FinTech community would be. After a few months, we had over 200 people in our meet up, and our second event showcased a number of awesome Queensland based FinTechs and had a turnout of around 100 people.

But why get involved?

I'm an interested individual

If you're passionate about finance and/or technology, then getting involved in a FinTech community is a great way to remain relevant, hear about what's going on at the forefront of the industry and chat to like-minded people. Don't limit your potential by working in your own thought bubble. Have you ever been to a great conference where you are challenged with new ideas and are removed enough from your typical working environment to think a little more clearly? It's like that.

I'm an investor

A community like Next Bank is a sideline seat to the game. You will get closer to people, ideas, discussions and get to follow new businesses from the early stage. Our Queensland community is well represented from angel, PE and VC investors.

I'm an employer

For many employers, geography is important, which is why getting involved in a local FinTech community is key. The proposition is simple, you have a room of people giving up their free time to contribute to the future of finance. Finance professionals are among the most educated groups in Australia and when thinking of technology, they tend to be the ones pushing the envelope.

I represent an incumbent

Incumbent sounds like a bad word, but it's not. The incumbents in the industry arguably have the most to gain. Sure, they fit into the employer basket too and can use FinTech communities to poach the best and brightest, but getting involves also unlocks new strategic opportunities, challenges group think and (worst case) gives you an inside view of the potential industry disruptions on the horizon.

How do I get involved?

If you're in Queensland, just head to http://www.meetup.com/NextBankBrisbane/. If you're in another state, then have a poke around https://nextmoney.org/chapters/ or do a little googling... there won't be one too far away.

Why Startup Weekend?

For any budding entrepreneurs, Startup Weekends are a great way to hone your rapid fire problem solving skills and learn something new. Teams work cross functionally making it a dynamic, interactive and creative environment, which makes it an experience that structured learning just simply can't replicate. Participants learn by doing and have the opportunity to push their skills into whichever direction they wish. For me, it was my first startup weekend (quite a few years ago) that forced me to build a social platform, and with the help of other team members and mentors, I came out with not just a knowledge base but real experience that I have been able to deploy in other projects since.

FinTech Startup Weekend Brisbane is running from the 8th -10th of July, so don't miss out. Details and tickets here.