The next chapter: What happens after Startup Weekend?

05/10/2015 | By Anne Lawrence

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With over 300 people collaborating, creating and coordinating over the last 54 hours at Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast, many are wondering what’s next and some are craving for more.

A similar scenario presented itself last year, therefore a group of enthusiastic participants formed an entrepreneurial community called Silicon Coast with the hope to continue the legacy.

Andrea Martins, a local entrepreneur and participant at last year’s Startup Weekend event, has become an advocate for the Silicon Coast group and shares her perspective.

“Silicon Coast is the first group here on the Sunshine Coast that I've truly felt at home with,” said Andrea.

“Carrying on the positive energy from Startup Weekend, Silicon Coast brings together a group of local ‘dreamers, doers and done thats’, in a friendly and integrated way.”

“No business idea pitched ever feels or sounds stupid. No level of experience ever feels not enough or too much. I never miss a meet-up and I thank everyone in the group for the energy they give me,” expressed Andrea.

Andrea Martins was the co-founder of the global resource site Expat Women, and is now the co-founder of Australia’s first online marketplace for lawnmowing called Greensocks.

“I started working on Greensocks after being inspired by Startup Weekend last year, and will launch in a week or so,” said Andrea.

Andrea believes that Startup Weekend Sunshine Coast as well as the Silicon Coast Group have contributed to the ongoing growth and development of the Sunshine Coast’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

She is very passionate about the Silicon Coast group’s future and wants to encourage more locals to get involved.

“Each event usually involves about 30 mins of networking, 30 mins of updates and pitches, and then either a small group brainstorming event, or some short guest speaker spots, or just more open networking,” said Andrea

“Whatever the format, the idea is always to make everyone feel as welcome as possible, so I hope more Sunshine Coast locals come out of the woodwork at Startup Weekend and come along to Silicon Coast meet-ups in the future.”

It has almost been one year since the formation of the Silicon Coast, however the group has evolved and adapted quite significantly over this period of time.

“Some people have left town to pursue their startup dreams, but others have happily filled their place,” said Andrea.

“Old faces and new faces come along to each meet-up. Everyone that shows up just gives their time, experience and advice so generously.”

“I can't wait to see who joins after Startup Weekend 2015. I'm sure more awesome startup folk.”

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About the Silicon Coast Group

We're creating the most vibrant, relevant and value adding entrepreneurial community on the Sunshine Coast.

We say: Let's be awesome! Let's create the future. Let's talk about big ideas and startups. Let's establish Silicon Coast! Bottom-up, for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs! Less talk, more action! ‪#‎siliconcoast‬

Silicon Coast Group aims to promote business creation, connect entrepreneurs and facilitate entrepreneurial events on the Sunshine Coast.

The founders of the Silicon Coast intended for the group to create monthly events, whereby the events are largely based on the nature of the Startup Weekend.

The Silicon Coast group actively collaborate ideas through the Facebook group as well as holding real life group meetings quarterly.

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Blog post written by Rachel Thomson, Public Relations Student at University of the Sunshine Coast.