#SWSC2015 | How to participate

04/01/2015 | By Jarna Baudinette

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Buy a ticket for the experience of a lifetime

Join over a hundred entrepreneurs and first timers and immerse yourself in this three-day experiential entrepreneurship event. For a low fee of between $55-$90 you will have unlimited access to the brightest minds including established entrepreneurs and business people who have had global success. Bounce ideas off one another, imagine new business concepts and walk away from the event with a new-found energy and sense of purpose regarding your own business ventures. The event was a sell out success last year and we are expecting greater levels of interest in 2015. Secure your ticket now.

If you are a first timer and want to know more about the event, check out the FAQ page.


Following on from the success of the 2014 event and, after receiving many enquiries, we are now opening up expressions of interest to be a coach at the 2015 event. With limited numbers, we want to have on hand relevant experience and the best minds, to help guide our weekend participants. We are particularly interested in those with ‘lean startup’ coaching experience, including young entrepreneurs. Please email us on sunshinecoast@startupweekend.org and let us know your availability and interest, including a hyperlink to your LinkedIn profile or similar information. We would love to have you as part of the mentor team and look forward to talking with you.

What is involved in being a coach?

Please feel welcome to chat with us about roles and expectations, including your availability over the weekend (as we are not expecting you to be there 24/7). However we are expecting all coaches to be available for a pre-event coach briefing sessions where we will outline the event objectives and your role. Date to be advised.

We particularly wish to point out our startup weekend values. We believe in: Action over talking; Good intentions; Sharing, not hoarding; Bottom-up instead of top-down; Open dialogue instead of agendas and rhetorics; Experimentation instead of rigid structure. Startup Weekend is about education, the community and democratising entrepreneurship itself. For further information on core values please see this blog post.


Does your business have something of value you can offer to budding entrepreneurs? Perhaps you have business services or equipment you can offer? Or perhaps a priceless experience?  Perhaps your business is in catering and would like to sponsor some of the catering requirements? We would love to hear from you. Your investment will return significant rewards when you factor in the high-value target audience of leading business people and entrepreneurs who will be participating in the event. We are expecting approximately 200 active and highly engaged event participants, volunteers, mentors and judges over the 3 day weekend, along with brand exposure opportunities both pre- and post- event. Please contact sunshinecoast@startupweekend.org with your contact details and we will phone you to discuss opportunities.

Volunteer on the weekend

Not sure if you want to immerse yourself just yet but want to lend a helping hand? We will need general ‘runners’ over the entire weekend to help us with the logistics of creating a successful event servicing lots of different people. Perhaps you want to get event management expertise, or just know that there will be lots of cool people to hang out with. Either way, shoot us an email at sunshinecoast@startupweekend.org with your level of interest and your availability and we will see if we can find you a spot.

Organising team

Currently our organising team is full to the brim. However if you want to get involved in future years we encourage you to find another way to participate in 2015 and have a chat to us about opportunities for next year.

#SiliconCoast community member

There is no need to wait until the next Startup Weekend in order to join entrepreneurs, digital businesses and other passionate collaborative business people on the Sunshine Coast. That type of community already exists across the entire geography of the region. Many of whom are active participants in a group called #SiliconCoast, an online Facebook group and real life meet up group who get together approximately quarterly. Join in the conversation now. Put your hand up to help organise events. Share content and experiences. The more voices the better.