Startup Weekend: What's Next?

01/08/2016 | By

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With the new year upon us, you're likely thinking about what's next for your startup idea and team.  In reality, you may well find your team changing from the one formed at Startup Weekend as the focus, priorities and even the idea itself changes.

If you've not had a chance to chat with your team since Townsville Startup Weekend 2015, now's a perfect time to have that discussion.  For those forming new teams from bigger teams, we strongly encourage you to have an open and honest talk with all in your original group about the future of your idea.  You never know how people might help you in the long run!  We can’t stress the importance of this tough but crucial conversation.

You'll earn the respect of others by being upfront and open about what you want to do and who you want to work with.  You can engage former group mates as long term supporters, even if they aren’t continuing as team members.  Doing this will help you get the best outcomes for your concepts.

If you've left your team or your former team decides to proceed without you, don't take it personally; focus on your opportunities going forward!  You can even pursue your original Startup Weekend idea or something similar with a brand new team.  If you're looking for people to work with, post on our Facebook group, join in the regular Meetups (next one is Wednesday 20 Jan 2016) and talk to others from Startup Weekend and wider startup community.  The 2015 organising team are across all of these platforms, but if you've got specific questions, you can also email David, Lauren or John at

For more thoughts, check out The "What Next Monster", a great post by Nick Stevens regarding what comes next after a Startup Weekend, and helps explain the road ahead.

As a community, we want you to have an awesome experience and help build a strong startup community.  Communities talk, so get the conversations happening - you never know where it'll lead you!