Townsville is Collectively Starting Something Creative

09/29/2015 | By Lauren Heritage-Brand

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You need a great team when building a startup, and between team members many hats are worn.  One common skillset in startups is creative work – from creating effective online platform formats for tech-based products, to designing products and packaging, to advertisements and more.

So who in the North is at hand to add their creative expertise?  And who in the Northern Australian creative industries is tapping into the region’s growing startup community, understanding its needs as the concepts grow?  These are the questions that led to a great ‘cross-sector mingle’ event between Startup Townsville and the Creative Industries Sector at JCU City Campus recently.

As luck would have it, both groups had arranged events in the same building on the same night.  This was too good an opportunity to miss!

Over a few drinks and nibbles, techies and entrepreneurs met graphic artists, film makers and more.  We talked about the creative process, the benefits of talking early when developing a concept, and some of the common challenges faced by both sectors here in the North.  But what was clear is there is strength in collaboration, and these two sectors are a great match to support, inspire, share and grow together here in the North.

The  Startup Townsville Community would like to extend our thanks to Eileen Larsen and Alex Christopher from JCU’s School of Creative Arts for opening the doors to our yearling community group and we look forward to working together more in the future…to create something great!

Did you miss the last Startup Townsville event?  Don’t fear!  We will be holding another one on 7 October, at JCU City Campus with a focus on idea generation in preparation for this year’s Townsville Startup Weekend on 20-22 November.  Head over to  for more info.

Until then….stay creative

Lauren Heritage-Brand

Co-organiser, Townsville Startup Weekend 2015