Townsville Festival of Innovation and Creativity

11/09/2014 | By Richard Sazima

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You’re invited to the Innovation Festival!

When we look at Innovation we look past the traditional areas of the creative arts and industrial design. Innovation is about asking questions and finding new answers. And the questions can come from anywhere.

Over 3.5 jam-packed days, it aims to harness the creative energies of local and visitors from far and wide, to promote a culture that recognises that innovation is pivotal to future prosperity and resilience, and embed innovative practice as part and parcel of everyday life.

We’ll do this by tackling three broad themes: food, finance and fuel. The Festival will therefore incorporate an Energy Futures Roundtable as a specific focal area on how regional Australia (especially here in the North) is to fuel itself into the decades ahead.

Places are limited, but tickets are free! You can book directly from this site. Venue size is a constraint for starters, and we also wanted to ensure an intimate conversational atmosphere rather than run another “stand and deliver” conference. So … scroll down and register. You can also find links to some interesting “homework”, and we’ll progressively add more stuff here. A detailed program with who’s appearing at what panels and when can be downloaded.

Check out the full schedule:

See you there!

Festival of Innovation and Creativity