Food for Mind and Soul: Our Meditation Workshop

09/15/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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In order to prepare the participants for the eventful days of Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna Women, on Saturday and Sunday mornings, right before we proceed with workshops and ideas, we will meditate together under the guidance of Natalie Hörberg.

Natalie is a relaxation and mindfulness trainer, language teacher for German & French and a singer, but most importantly, Natalie is our calming pole in the hustle. She will guide you through morning meditation helping to focus and will give advice on how you can structure your daily routine, create and stick to new useful habits.

Natalie is a French-German extrovert. She graduated with a degree in economics and worked as a marketing and personal assistant in international companies for over 15 years. Before starting her professional career, she first went on a 7-month-long world tour where she had a chance to gain a lot of intercultural knowledge. Natalie always wanted to understand people, she wanted to work with people.

For that very reason, ten years ago she quit her job. She began a new chapter in her life by completing a musical training in Paris as she believed that would contribute to her personal growth (and it did!). Four years ago, she moved to Vienna and started to work as a language trainer. Last year, she took part in a relaxation and mindfulness training as she wanted to combine this with her teaching. Since then, she keeps on being busy as a singer, teacher for language schools as well as for her own PEP.S Sprachtraining, additionally to being active as a presenter and role-player for management trainings.

She is used to being on stage and in front of the camera and loves to bring enthusiasm and to pass the experience she gained on to her students and those who participate in her trainings. She is convinced that intuition plays an important role in this fascinating job as well.

Come and meet Natalie at our Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna, she is looking forward to introducing you to a more mindful way of living!