What We Did Last Sunday (Hint: We Worked a Lot with Our Hands)

09/09/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Two weeks before the Startup Weekend Women Vienna takes place, we, the organizing team, some volunteers, and the wonderful and creative Nadine Schratzberger from NASCH Sportswear gathered together to make something very unique for our participants. We thought we'd gift everyone who is going to take part in the Weekend with a special present. And so, we produced completely handmade and very sustainable tablet/laptop bags!

We got together on a gloomy Sunday morning in a place with truly grand view.

In order to make the bags, everyone brought some old clothes or textiles that are still pretty but no longer in use, because who throws good things away? Certainly not us. We believe in reusing and recycling as we know for a fact that something truly incredible can be made out of things instead of just getting rid of them. And so we worked in teams. People cut the textiles to get the needed shape, others selected the matching patterns and Nadine did the hardest part: she sewed the bags!

Then, as a way of expressing our creative and artistic personalities, we hand-painted the bags with our sponsors' logos. It was a very hard and labor-intensive day – we worked from nine in the morning till six in the evening! But today the whole team woke up happy knowing that none of our participants will go home empty handed – everybody will have a small souvenir they can use on a daily basis while simultaneously reminiscing about the great 54 hours of that September weekend.