Meet the Team: Asetila Köstinger

09/03/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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With just a few weeks left until the event we thought we might as well introduce you to our fabulous team. So, let’s start with the mastermind behind it all – Asetila Köstinger.

Asetila is a learning entrepreneur, a community builder and enterprise facilitator based in Vienna. She is the founder of Koestinger International Consulting, chapter leader of Zebras Unite for Austria and co-founder of the green startup Greenwell Energy. Greenwell Energy creates geothermal energy from recycled oil wells and plans to use the energy generated in heat-intensive agricultural production. This huge interdisciplinary project with a strong technical context makes Asetila Köstinger one of the few women managing STEM startups in Austria. She loves the project a whole lot and works hard to steer it to success.

Asetila is also very passionate about female empowerment through entrepreneurship. Taking inspiration from her entrepreneurial journeys and experience, she has created different impact entrepreneurship development programs and tools such as the #FocusImpactShine model or acceleration programs like “WeDO Ideas Lab” and “OpenBox”, as well as countless others.

“There’s a special place in heaven for women who help other women grow” – this paraphrase of the famous Madeleine Albright quote is what best describes the work of Asetila, who is also the co-founder and dreamer behind of the impact initiative KulturenReich - a startup that helps foreign-born women become professionally successful and financially independent. As Global Startup Weekend Women has the same underlying premise – supporting female entrepreneurs in their desire to build and develop their own companies, Tila the Bumblebee 🐝 decided to be the first to bring this amazing initiative to Vienna.

Here’s what Elisabeth Siencnik, the event’s Financial Manager and someone who has known Tila for quite some time, has to say about her: “Asetila or Tila the Bumblebee is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. She is highly motivating and inspiring, hard-working and very determined. When it comes to startups, Tila knows (almost) everything (from business model canvas to lean) and definitely everyone - she is the perfect networker. What I like most about her is her “Yes, AND” attitude. Whenever you approach Tila with an idea, she first listens to you and then does everything to make it happen. Sometimes even things that seem impossible first. You have not heard the story of Tila and the Bumblebee? Ask Asetila!”

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