Meet the Team: Elisabeth Siencnik

09/05/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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Let me introduce you to the Techstars Weekend Women Financial Manager – Elisabeth Siencnik. Elisabeth is a solution-focused coach and consultant who has over 20 years of finance and project management experience. She has worked together with various multinational companies, international NGOs and startups.

Elisabeth LOVES what she does. Always very friendly and ready to help, Elisabeth made it her job to provide support to companies and organizations as a finance and project manager. Not only that, but she also acts as a facilitator and solution-focused team coach additionally to offering her assistance as a coach, sparring partner and networking partner. Our lovely Financial Manager is constantly on the lookout for different companies and organizations that are in need of improving their finance and project management. Besides, if you are searching for a networking partner or a coach – look no further! Elisabeth is your perfect choice.

All the professional accolades aside, Elisabeth is a kind and charming person who is always trying to make positive changes in our society. She is more than passionate about building and supporting communities and helping young, especially female, entrepreneurs grow. When she’s not changing the world, Elisabeth enjoys practicing yoga or spending time at the seaside or in the mountains (like a true Austrian she is). She also possesses a unique gift of feeling at home wherever she finds herself and then, once she gets this homey feeling, she doesn’t want to leave! Oh, and Elisabeth is also a polyglot who speaks 5 (!) languages: German, English, Slovenian as well as some Romanian and French! Well, she did after all live all over Europe, having called France, Slovenia, the UK and Romania her home!

So, don’t miss your chance to get to know Elisabeth at the event!