Meet the Team: Gabriela-Nicoleta Petrov

09/06/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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Since our team is so wonderful, we won’t stop until we present the very last member (still quite a way to go)! So today you are going to get to know our Event Manager – Gabriela Petrov! She is very young indeed, but don’t let it fool you as Gabriela is an amazingly creative young entrepreneur with a ton of innovative ideas!

In addition to being a student of International Business Administration, Gabriela is also active as a Project Manager at KulturenReich. Prior to that, Gabby was involved in various other projects: she worked as a journalist for an online newspaper, content creator, and even managed websites for different businesses!

Just like everyone else on the team, Gabriela takes pleasure in helping others. For that very reason she has been volunteering since her high school times – Gabby helped out as an event coordinator and acted as a coach in an exchange program. She also did an exchange year in Switzerland – how cool is that! When not working or studying, Gabriela loves travelling or cozying up with a good book. Given her experience in content creation, Gabby is an avid writer who likes to pen an article or two for the projects she’s a part of.

Having lived and travelled all over the place, Gabriela naturally speaks 6 languages: Romanian, Russian, English, German, French and even Chinese!

This year, she received a scholarship to attend European Forum Alpbach that took place in the second half of August. Gabriela plans to translate this experience into her future ventures, including, of course, the Techstars Startup Weekend Women in Vienna!

Want to practice your language skills? Or talk about the European ideas and ideals? Have a talk with Gabriela during the Weekend!