Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna 2020 – or Why Did We Decide to Focus on Food

12/05/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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Millennials, who are currently the largest living adult generation, do love food. So much so, that an average Gen Y person annually spends about $2,242 on groceries and another $1,672 on dining out. Timewise, it totals to 1,140 hours spent meal-prepping, cooking as well as eating out. Even though the statistics are based on the American millennials, I, as a very non-American but a very Millennial person can wholeheartedly confirm that I do in fact invest a lot of time, effort, and money into food.

And I love it.

Changes in how food is perceived and consumed cannot go unnoticed. The meal nowadays has to be both instagrammable and edible in order for us to want to actually eat it (after we have already taken a photo, edited and posted it on our IG). And it always has to be different. You don’t post a picture wearing the same outfit twice, so why would you post the same dish? The desire to try new things (and let the world know about it) led to the whole plethora of previously not so well-known and so well-consumed cuisines moving to center stage. We are also the generation responsible for a bazillion of food trends, some delicious, others not so much (think: charcoal ice cream). Avocado toasts, acai and poke bowls, cauliflower rice are all creations of the millennial mastermind.

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Paradoxically, my generation is into a whole variety of different foods, but also cannot really process all of it. There are usually at least one or two components we are unable to digest, like dairy or gluten. Vegetarianism and veganism are also taking over either for dietary or ethical reasons.

One has to bear all of these factors in mind when entering the food scene. What you offer should be original, both pretty and tasty and probably also fit a whole plethora of different stomachs. Questions you might have about your target consumer group, advertising, supply chain, dealing with food waste can all be answered during the Techstars Vienna Food Startup Weekend!