Workshops during the Weekend (Part 1)

09/18/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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Will we only network and develop our ideas? Not quite. Our participants will also have a possibility to attend various workshops offered by five wonderful entrepreneurs – each a specialist in their field.

Let’s start with the Startup Weekend’s own Asetila Köstinger. Tila will present a workshop on business model canvas, where she will talk about bringing your ideas to life and profiting off them: “Ideas are great fun to dream and to talk about. Nevertheless, it is a long journey from an idea to a viable business idea. Great ideas should also have great revenue models behind which can make them sustainable businesses. The business model canvas is one simple tool that explains a business in nine blocks. It also brings clarity to the question “How will we make money?” Join this workshop to learn about the canvas and immediately apply it to your idea.”

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Another person that will share his knowledge with us is Alex de Jong. Both on Saturday and on Sunday the participants will have a chance to participate in two linked workshops on how to give a great pitch. Saturday will be all about the pitching process:

“A powerful pitch will make or break your business. In sixty minutes, you’ll walk away with a five-step process and pick up the tools you need to turn your idea into compelling a winning offer.

After 779 pitches prepared over 10 years, it's all too often I see jury members with a confused look on their face and founders stumbling over questions. NO LONGER – You’ll have clarity and confidence in your project so that it's easily understandable and investable.

You won't be sat down listening; you'll be thrown outside your comfort zone, you'll be standing up, speaking up and learning by doing from the first minute.”

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What about Sunday? Alex will develop the notion of perfect pitch further and will train you to deliver one yourself:

“How do you feel when you’re called up to the stage? Excited or exhausted? Worried or like a winner?

In thirty minutes, we’ll build upon yesterday’s techniques to go further. You’ll walk away with rehearsal techniques to make you stand out, be spectacular and give the best pitch of your life. You’ll feel like a champion before you open your mouth and make your first words impactful so you leave a lasting impression.

You’ve structured the perfect pitch… it’s time to PRACTICE, and in this workshop, there’ll be no shortage of opportunities.”

Since we know that there cannot be enough help from the experiences entrepreneurs, tomorrow we are going to present the three fantastic female founders, who are also going to help you develop your idea into something material!