Workshops during the Weekend (Part 2)

09/19/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

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There’s so much more about the Weekend workshops coming in! So, you know what to pitch and how to pitch it – now what? Keep calm and carry on working of course!

In order to help you out to keep on track, Sinem Günel will offer a workshop on Productivity: Oftentimes we waste our time being busy working on the wrong this instead of being highly productive. Productivity is not only about efficiency but also about working on the things that really matter (being effective). The workshop ,,Busy vs. Productive’’ will give an overview of how to identify and eliminate time-wasters and focus on the really important things. You’ll learn about strategies that you can implement into your everyday life to increase your productivity and work on the really important to-do’s. We’ll even take time to analyze your current to-do list and figure out what to eliminate so that you can immediately start being productive instead of busy.

And who else is going to point you to success? Nadia Boersch will school you on the importance of the Personal Branding: “What do people think about you before and as soon as you enter a room? There are few people that enter a room and everyone turns to think „who is that person“ or „ I know that person“. Sometimes this may appear like magic, but there are two ways to achieve this effect - a strong personal brand and a strong presence & confidence.

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We will show you strategies & shortcuts of how to build a professional personal brand in particular for start-ups and we will demonstrate how you can improve the most important part of your personal brand: your confidence & your presence.

Having ideas, presenting and developing them and being productive and proactive about your work is all fun and games, but you know what a good pitch should eventually lead to? That’s right, appropriate funding. Lisa-Marie Fassl will talk about how to get to people’s minds and wallets.

“In this workshop we’ll talk about the opportunities to receive funding for your project/company. We’ll discuss the different types of investors and what type of funding suits you best. Some do’s and don’ts as well as best practices will be shared.

Looking forward to the weekend? So are we!!!