Why Should I Attend Techstars Startup Weekend Women?

08/27/2019 | By Liliya Buhela

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

For a couple of reasons. First, you no longer have to make plans for that penultimate weekend of September as we got you covered. Second, there might be some wine involved (we cannot promise anything, but probably quite likely there will be something) and thirdly, there will definitely be snacks (as a valuable addition to all sorts of good food).

On a more serious note, Techstars Startup Weekend Women was designed with one purpose in mind: to support female entrepreneurs by providing them with the resources necessary to achieve success in their chosen field.  The 54 hours of this Weekend will be dedicated to bringing like-minded women (and male allies) together in order to devise new strategies and ideas for a better world.

It doesn’t matter, what your area of expertise is or whether you have a pitch or simply want to join someone who already has some preconceived business plan. All that counts is your presence and desire to contribute to the work of your team. Starting from Friday evening, you will be surrounded by the inspirational people from all walks of life striving to make a difference. With the help of mentors present at the event, this won’t be too hard to attain. So, if you are looking for a place where you can network, exchange ideas and get the needed input and feedback, Techstars Startup Weekend Women is the place for you.  

And just a teeny tiny FYI, our Early Bird Tickets are still on sale! You’re up for a lovely weekend soaking up all the passion and creativity from fellow participants, mentors and speakers? Then better hurry up and visit http://bit.ly/2TRj6tT to get your pass to 54 hours of the unforgettable experience!