Why We Choose Foodtech for Techstars Startup Weekend Vienna?

02/04/2020 | By Astrid Weikmann

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Developing a clear picture of supplements, weak animals, vegan vegetarian, and many more is what follows after reading about Foodtech, which is the Future of Food. Meanwhile, the vegan or vegetarian trend is something that started with parents and grandparents. It keeps on moving from one child generation to another.

However, there is a change in food consumption and production, and there is a high probability for it to keep changing even in the upcoming years.

Nowadays, there are uncountable tendencies connected with this trend. First, we have climate change, which has an impact on our thinking about food consumption and production.

There are many documentaries related to health issues, which make the older generation to change their routine diet.

Also, the current market has many more trends that have contributed to the change in food consumption and production. These include applications, single households, and transparency for those consuming the food, packaging, and digitalization. Other trends include sustainability, gamification, and agro-tech, such as precise farming.

Furthermore, currently, the young generation is now coming up with new ideas that have led to a change in food consumption and production. For example, modern supermarkets offer shelves meant specifically for startup products. Due to this change, most traditional supermarkets now want to upgrade to this market.

There is a need to create the most appropriate solutions to the problems associated with the food industry. We choose Foodtech since our hackathon is all about to bring together the top-rated industry brands and exceptional talent so that we can tackle the nutrition challenges.

We want to prepare the kind of hackathon for future start-ups of Foodtech. Thus, this is why we focus mainly on food technology. We are after food enthusiasts who can play an essential role in solving problems and building the most appropriate solutions for the upcoming days that are of great benefit to the food industry.

We choose Foodtech to get the most appropriate ways of using technology so that we can make healthy eating a key area of concern for the young generation.

Sustainability in the food ecosystem plays a significant role. It matters a lot in our food ecosystem since around 40 percent of produced food is thrown away before even the consumer accesses it. Also, one British study shows that approximately 40 percent of children below the age of five in Britain are obese.

Moreover, around $50 billion food tech market in the world grows at the rate of between 16 to 20 percent per year. Furthermore, 95 percent of customer transactions happening in the industry of food sector do not feature any traceability. All these explain why sustainability in the food ecosystem has a significant impact.

There is an emergency need for change, and this the right time to make it a reality. We want to offer help in enhancing the growth of the industry of Foodtech. We understand that the only way to work towards this is through corporate collaboration and start-up. We aim to pioneer the Foodtech Industry in data collection, help investors, start-ups, and even corporates so that they can understand the consumers in the right way and get a detailed overview of the direction of this industry.

It is always crucial to get more details about what we eat and how we do it so that we can take good care of our health and the entire universe. Keep in mind that a fantastic future is just facing us, but be ready to encounter many challenges as you move towards it.

Let's work as one group and come up with new ideas, new services, and products and be prepared to enjoy the fruits of a better world!

Need some inspiration for a startup idea in foodtech? Fraunhofer Institute have described 50 trends influencing European food sector: go through the report of Fraunhofer Institute