What to expect during Startup Weekend!

09/12/2019 | By Amina Naar

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Learn. Network and Build a Startup in 54 hours! Spend a weekend networking with a diverse group, form a team and work tirelessly for 3 days straight to building a startup and learning about entrepreneurship.

Building a startup in 3 days might be quite daunting, but the community helps you with everything you need in order to learn about entrepreneurship and kick-starting your startup. Your ticket to the weekend includes food, snacks, coffee, internet, resources and a workstation. We also have great people from the community who help facilitate the weekend for you from facilitators, organizers, volunteers and mentors.

So, what should you expect during Startup Weekend?

Day 1: Arrive, Eat, Network, Pitch & Team Up!

Register: Please make sure you show a copy of your paid ticket. If you have not had the chance to purchase a ticket, tickets at the door will retail for BHD 12.6/- only. You will be asked during registration if you are going to pitch an idea, just to ensure that the ideas being pitched are not repetitive.

Tip: Kindly note that ideas pitched of business that have already been set-up a/o ideas that have been previously researched on with a business plan will be considered as a disqualification. 

Pitch: Do you have an idea? You have 1 minute to pitch your idea to the audience. There will be a live voting poll to identify whether or not the audience like your idea. Once we go through all the pitches, the highest 10 voted scores will qualify as the Top 10 Ideas selected to continue as the Startups.

Tip: Mention during your pitch the skills needed in your team. This will help attendees who like your idea to approach you if your idea has been selected as one of the Top 10 ideas!

Join a Team: Whether it is your idea that has been selected or not, you will be a cross-functional team to work with over the weekend.

Tip: If you are one of the top 10 ideas, scout the audience to find the skills you need to elevate your idea. 

Day 2: Learn and Work!

Mentors: Our mentors are industry experts from different backgrounds who are here to assist you with any questions you may have. Take advantage of the time they are available in the venue to ask for advice!

Tip: Make sure you visit the community website to identify who the mentors are. If your idea had been selected for the weekend, do your research and have your questions ready to ask our mentors once they arrive.

Work, Work & Work: The facilitator will provide you with the resources you need during the weekend. You are responsible of attaining your customers and working on your MVPs (minimum viable product). The facilitators, organizers and volunteers are there to help you if you need it.

Tip: Go out for meetings to gain possible prospects, use the #startupweekend hashtag to get global startup weekend attendees to fill your survey. Go out and validate your ideas! 

Our Facilitator, will be hosting a mini workshop on how to pitch your startup. It is highly recommended you attend this session as you will be pitching your startup to the panel of judges on the final day.

Day 3: Crunch Time & Present!

Mentors are here (again): Mentors are here only for a few hours, make sure you sit down with them and ask them your final questions.

Prepare your presentation: Prepare your presentation and practice, practice practice. The facilitator will be helping you throughout the day with preparations before handing in your final presentations. Make sure you send your absolute final version to the facilitator, due to time constraints.

Tip: Make sure you get to know your team members throughout the weekend, by now you should know which team member would be the best to pitch during the final day. 

Final Presentation: You'll have 4 minutes to pitch your startup and 1 minute for Q&A from the panel of judges, 5 minutes in total.

Tip: Make sure you focus on your MVPs (minimum viable product), don't take too long focusing on marketing strategy or your mission and vision. If you have signed partners during the weekend, mention it! 

Celebration: Celebrate the wins and a great weekend of learning, hustle and building a startup in 54 hours! Above all, we hope you had fun during the weekend!

Are you excited to dive into the entrepreneurial mindset? Buy a ticket and join the startup madness!