Life after Startup Weekend!

11/07/2015 | By Amina Naar

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Who Are They?

A group of Bahrainis trying to bridge the gap between Motorsports Drivers, Sponsors and fans with the actual event, that is done through the smart interface of Mobile App where you can view live race data and watch it live. This can be easily displayed on any handheld device such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The perfect blend between technology and motorsport flavored with the passion of a growing community in the Middle East.

How it all started

uTrack TV all started when the founders found the disconnection from a racing event at the Bahrain International Circuit even by being front and center by facing the Pit Lane. The concept was born out of that spark where the founders Mr. Ali Mahmood and Mr. Hasan Al Doy and a close friend at the BIC wanted to make the events more accessible to the audience and so decided to participate at the Startup Weekend Bahrain 2012 event where they would later transform their idea to a reality. The uTrack Project took off on a higher pace right from there among several great Bahraini ideas filled up Batelco’s Startup Weekend Entry list back in 2012.[1]

[1] Startup Weekend Bahrain:

First Place!

uTrack TV would later go on to winning first prize at the Startup Weekend Bahrain 2012, impressing the panel of judges by their prototype of the GoPro camera and the application.

First place winner received a cash prize of BHD 4,000/- which was used to build the first version of their Technology of the App alongside the semi-pro equipment that was fitted into the BHD 4,000/- budget and the initial testing was incredibly successful!

Houston, we have a Go!

Fortnight passed by back to back meetings took place, App and Website were developed and traction started to show among our environment. uTrack TV later proposed their solution to BIC and got approval from Mr. Fayez from BIC (Bahrain International Circuit) to go live starting from the 5th Round of the Karting Championship at the Viva Karting Track, which was in turn their first launch event. Ever since then, they have livestreamed all the rest of the Karting Rounds, started with couple of GoPro Cameras then went up with another couple of regular cameras to be able to cover a wider area of the event.


As a result, uTrackTV was noticed by Tenmou - the Bahrain Business Angels Holding company, who later on seed funded for venture capital for an equity of 30%, which was the perfect step to enhance their expertise and improve the performance through the appointed advisory board from Tenmou.

Throughout a year into the operations they teamed up with the best enthusiasts talents in town and not only where they live streaming events but also produced their own clips and documentaries.

500 Startups

UTrack TV successfully handled media coverage of MENA Angel Investors Summit 2013 (available on their VOD channel) and participated as co-organizers. Upon their coverage of the summit, they pitched their idea to a large international audience whilst streaming it live, where they grabbed attention of one of the leading venture capitalist, Dave McClure, Founder of '500 Startups'. They later received an invitation from 500 Startups to join the 12th batch accelerator program in Silicon Valley in San Francisco, USA.

It is the first company in the GCC to be a part of the program, which started on January 19th of 2015 and continued to do so for the next 3 months. Their mission was to enhance the business and marketing aspect of the company and to boost the technology advancement.

500 Startups investment in uTrack TV paves the way to expand to the international market starting with the United States of America as the first milestone to outreach a global audience.


uTrack TV celebrates it's 3 years anniversary this upcoming Startup Weekend event since its' win in 2012. The company has grown to 6 staff members, adding graphic developers and web designers to the team. uTrack TV strives not only to offer Motorsport coverage, but to continuously release original and creative content to its audience. They are currently at Tenmou's co-working space as its headquarters where they are able to share their knowledge and experiences with fellow entrepreneur tenants at the space.

For more updated information about uTrack TV, download the App from both iOS & Google App Stores, or through this link: or visit their Twitter/Instagram account on @uTrackTV