Life after Startup Weekend: 2015 First Finalist

12/01/2016 | By Amina Naar

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Pick a Dive, consisting of co-founders Moayyed Mugabi and Mahdi Algasab, were 2015’s Startup Weekend second prize winner. An interview was conducted with Mr. Moayyed Mugabi, the co-founder of Pick a Dive to know more about the team’s journey and what happened so far.



Who are Pick a Dive?

Pick a dive is an online platform that allows divers to book diving lessons and trips, and match divers with other diviners and diving centers.

How did you come up with the winning concept?

It was not just a winning concept for co-founder, Mahdi Algasab, and I, however a Billion Dollar dream. We came up with the idea few months prior to Startup Weekend, and it seemed like a good opportunity to get things started and let the journey begin.

The winning concept of Startup Weekend is simple, although every effort counts, it is not about how good your app looks or how promising an idea could be, it is about proving your idea works and that is what we did in spite of having the worst presentation and the lack of design. All we had was a form showing our process in a simple way and that was our MVP (Minimum viable product). We proved our idea works and we won second place cash prize that weekend!

How has your journey been with your business since startup weekend?

Our journey to be a Billion Dollar company has just begun, it has been a year and we had our fair share of ups and downs, accompanied with a lot of disappointments. The past year has felt like an eternity, however, we have a vision to dominate the diving industry and become the “” of diving and we are determined to make it happen. Things have been going very well lately, especially the past couple of months, and we are on the right track hopefully.

Where are they today?

Today, we are very well known within the diving industry internationally and everyone is looking forward to see what we have in store for them.

What would you have done differently?

I believe that what has been done, has been done, therefore we have no regrets at all.  However, next time the difference would be winning the first prize I guess! What we have done in Startup Weekend was considered “EPIC” with our idea being a bit out of the box and targeting a market unknown to most participants and most of them were hesitant to join us, ending up with one developer who left us the next day to join another team. We had to resort to calling one of our friends, Hussain Aldurazi, who was of great help.

I would say, that what I would do differently next time is to form the whole team during Startup Weekend and choose my team members carefully. Yes, I will be participating in the next Startup Weekend with another great idea!