First things first: what is a changemaker?

09/20/2015 | By Geoffroy Dolphin

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That is, what is change? What does it mean to make change? And, above all, what does it take to be good at making change?

First, change can be defined as “a new and refreshingly different experience”. Change thus involves taking stock of what exists, and move forward with new, untried processes better suited to one’s needs in space and time.

In this respect, what really matters for you as a changemaker is the particular kind of change you want to bring and why. Innovate, think, believe. Pick up and identify a need for change that is close to your heart and for which you possess (or can quickly mobilize) skills and resources.

What does it take to be a good changemaker? Maybe the best way to answer this question is to let some changemakers speak for themselves. Have a look at their stories, pick up their tips and make your own idea of what drove their success. But three principles should help you be one of them: Faith, Focus and Friends.

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