Necessity is the mother of invention: 3 Startup Weekend Ideas From Brasil's First Slum.

04/15/2014 | By laurensauser

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Necessity is the mother of invention is an English proverb meaning that difficult or impossible scenarios prompt inventions aimed at reducing the difficulty.

Last Friday, entrepreneurs gathered in Morro da Providencia, the first slum in Brasil, to make a difference in their daily lives. The inventions and ideas which came out of Startup Weekend Rio Favela are different from the startups, ideas or motivations cultivated somewhere like Silicon Valley.

For Rio's attendees, their problems are not only real but persistent. These issues need solutions immediately. Cue Startup Weekend. Cue dancing.



An overview of the top three winners: 

1st - Health Platform - an online system that aims to help prevent chronic diseases in slum dwellers at a popular price.

2nd - Incoming Brazil Games (IB Games) - a project aimed to educate and train young players in professional games who live in slum communities.

3rd - Pedacinho de Mim - an E-commerce site selling bedding products produced by the residents of the slum. In just five hours this team managed to sell a thousand dollars in products.

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