StartUP Weekend Blagoevgrad – Three Tips to Take the Most Out of it

01/26/2015 | By Mirela Dineva

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Written by Lyuba Popova

On 30 September 2014 Chris Georgiev took part in the second session of the “Open Coffee” discussion format for this semester. Chris as a founder of the Startup Sofia Foundation explained the Startup Weekend format and shared his thoughts about the emergence of the entrepreneurial mindset. He also gave some useful tips encouraging the audience to take the initiative and join the Startup Weekend at Blagoevgrad.

Chris Georgiev presenting in front of AUBG students in Blagoevgrad.

Chris Georgiev presenting in front of AUBG students in Blagoevgrad.

Tip#1: Share your ideas!

Chris argues that no one would steal an idea so easily, because most people have already collected enough on their own. Moreover, when shared, ideas may quickly evolve into something even bigger. He pointed as an example the “Open Coffee” format, the idea of which emerged in London. The sessions were situated in bars, presenting startup conversations accompanied with a glass of beer or wine. Later on, many organizations, as well as the Startup Sofia Foundation and our team, adopted the idea and continue to develop it. Still, the name remains the same.

Tip#2: Be ready to experiment!

Among the first essential steps towards the entrepreneurial adventure is to educate the ability to take risks. You do not have to be scared to accomplish your ideas and goals, otherwise you will be just another teller of the “taxi driver’s story”. It’s usually a same old story of a once-successful but then bankrupted business, which basically shows that people in the country do not accept failure. However, there is also another story, a story where we can and should learn from your failures and change the world.

Tip#3: Make a change!

Of course, that statement has been deeply rooted in each entrepreneurial thought by default. However, it may be very hard to make the change alone. Chris finished his discussion pointing out that Startup weekend events are very appropriate place to successfully form a team. “Startup Weekend is not about finding the best team, because it’s really hard,” said Chris. “It is about learning to work as a team,” he then ended. The startup-er encouraged everyone to take the initiative and join the event on February 6-8. Thus, the world will have new positive entrepreneurial stories to tell.

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