Five Startup Teams at Startup Weekend Siem Reap

05/29/2015 | By Leap Sok

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The exciting news about the first Startup Weekend Siem Reap 2015, there are five teams formed among of the 30+ participants. It is quite an amazing moment when these ideas are transformed into real businesses.

1. CoEnlight

The e-learning platform to promote teaching professions at the same time provide the best courses online and offline.

Team members:

- Etienne

- Robert

- Eleonore

- Alex

- Paula


2. Breathe.

Raising awareness of the importance of breathing mindfully (through our campaign).

Team members:

- Arthur

- Belinda

- Ber

- Maxime


3. Krou Live

The online platform connecting teachers to improve the teaching and learning methods as well as connecting them to different teachers, resources, tools.

Team members:

- Ben

- Anisha

- Sokhoeun

- Nguonchhay

- Danet


4. WhozAround

Mobile App helping you make the most of your social networks by revealing who of your friends can help you connect with whoz around.

Team members:

- Victoire

- Ratanak

- Sopheap

- Sophat

- Sally


5. Cleanbodia

Provide Siem Reap and Cambodia with eco-friendly disposable products.

Team members:

- Kai

- Takumi

- Stella

- Donald

- Neron


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