Startup Weekend – The Sharing Economy @hecmontreal

03/15/2016 | By Julie Goussu

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A lot of great ideas were pitched on Friday night. We counted 42 fire pitches!

Just take a look of what the event was like:

And here are the ideas chosen by the participants during the vote:

  • Food club

    Catering collaborative app

  • Thirsty

    Workshop on different specialized subjects

  • Liber

    App to sell and rent books

  • Station service

    Online store - Renting designer clothing

  • Meet Ur Mate

    Match making app for meeting roommates

  • Grow 2

    Making it easier and cheaper to find medical marijuana

  • Yucy 

    App suggesting bars/restaurants/clubs...

  • Swapii

    App showing which stores allows the users to pay in a different currency.

  • We build

    Platform allowing company to increase their social responsability by helping employees to take part in real OBNL social projects.

  • Groopme

    Platform allowing neighbors to find people to clean their houses.

  • Green app

    App aiming to make it easier to find a student to mow grass.

  • Regit

    Collaborative app to create music and link and users.

  • Impact trackr (Out-of-Competition)

    Matchmaking platform for NGOs and impact investors/CSR departments of companies


Honorable mention: WEBUILD

3rd place: THIRSTY

2nd place: GROW2

1st place: GREEN APP

Well done to all of you and thank again for coming!

The Startup Weekend Team!