Announcing the Techstars Startup Next Montreal Class of 2016

07/27/2016 | By Sergio Escobar

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We are thrilled to introduce the five tremendous companies that have finished the 3rd annual Startup Next program in Montreal! 

Startup Next is a “pre-accelerator” program that prepares companies for acceleration and/or seed investment by providing high quality mentorship and leveraging the global network of Techstars. A Demo Day was realized mid-June in New York to showcase Canadian companies in the NYC ecosystem.

Among the 20 cities running the program worldwide in four continents, Montreal is the #1 Startup Next city with the highest concentration of graduates at Techstars Accelerators! Over the last 9 months, four Montreal startups have joined Techstars Accelerator programs: TS Boston (NavutHeddoko), TS Barclays NYC (Logrr) and TS Target Minneapolis (Makerbloks). 

As usual, this year, Startup Next Montreal has received a vast number of applications from all around the world (Vancouver, Kiev, Bloomington, San Diego, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Montreal, etc). Without further ado, please join me in welcoming the 2016 Startup Next Montreal companies:


Nukern sets web hosting businesses on autopilot. Through Nukern's unified SaaS experience, web hosts can deploy cloud hosting resources concurrently from providers like; DigitalOcean, AWS and VULTR. And with Nukern's white label self-service portal, web hosts can resell these resources to clients and automate account provisioning and recurring billing. Nukern is currently setting web hosting businesses on autopilot in more than 45 different countries.

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Ask PAM is a cloud-based CRM for the hospitality industry that centralizes in one platform the day-to-day Concierge operations, providing a better customer experience. It is the only platform that is tracking and analyzing Concierge performances allowing them to better connect, manage and collaborate while optimizing the cost of customer service.

Ask PAM is currently operating in 15 cities worldwide (Montreal, Toronto, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Berlin, Accra and many others) with over 100 Concierges servicing 100k clients yearly.

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Crema is the new digital reward program and payment solution for coffee shops. We are providing Starbucks Coffee Technology to small independent Coffee Shops. The app gives the ability to prepay coffee plans redeemable at the best coffee shops in town.

Crema is available in Montreal, New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Berlin and Paris.

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Rent Hunt

RentHunt is an AI-powered messaging service that helps people find rental apartments. By specifying their search criteria, RentHunt provides renters with a curated and personalized set of listings. The service is currently available by SMS and on Facebook Messenger.

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Wealth Tab

WealthTab is modernizing the wealth management industry. Our modular platform offers solutions for client onboarding, portfolio analytics and portfolio visualization to help financial professionals deliver the best client experience. WealthTab is currently assisting over 50 professionals who collectively manage more than $2 Billion.

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