What to expect as a Designer

04/14/2015 | By Yvette McKay

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What to expect as a Designer

As you probably know, design can make or break an app, website or presentation. That’s why your design skills are so critical to a Startup Weekend.

You’ll be working with non-technical folks like marketers, business people, copywriters and pr folks as well as developers to bring an idea to life in 54 hours.

You might be working on mockups and design for an app. You might be designing beautiful graphics for a new website idea. You’ll probably be putting together an eye-catching presentation to present your final pitch.

Startup weekend is a great way to stretch your design skills, break out of a rut and light a fire under that day to day creativity. It can also lead to freelance work because of all the new contacts you’ve made.

The exciting pace of the weekend shows you people’s true work habits. You might find some new people you love working with. You could work with them on contract. You might even start a business with them.

Or that idea you pitch for the weekend could become the next big thing online.