Do you have an idea?

03/11/2015 | By Yvette McKay

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Do you have an idea?

Maybe a new website or mobile app that would change people’s lives?

Why aren’t you doing anything with it?

I'll take a guess. Because taking ideas and bringing them to life is really hard. It’s even harder when you try on your own.

You need something that could put you together with a whole bunch of like minded people with a variety of skill sets and sit them in a room with some very knowledgeable mentors to help them flesh out the ideas.

Does that sound like exactly what you need? Then you need a Startup Weekend.

What is Startup Weekend? 

A Startup Weekend is all about going from idea to prototype in one weekend. In 2 days and a bit you sit down, make a team, and crank out a a working version of what you want to do. No hesitating, no second-guessing, no procrastinating allowed here. Just fast decisions and more learning than you could get in months of working on your own.

Who goes to a Startup Weekend? 

Designers, developers and business people. You want to make a successful tech product? You need em all.

What do we do for 3 days? 

Friday night April 17th at 6:30pm you’ll sit down, have dinner, meet everyone and pitch an idea if you want.

By 9pm Friday night, you’ll have formed teams and started to work on something. Bring an idea of your own or find a great one to work on.

Saturday is all about work. Breakfast followed by as much work as you can put in. Oh, and there’s lunch and one-on-one meetings with coaches in there too. Pick their brains as much as you can. Break for dinner and then work till late.

Sunday. Crunch time. Time to finish off as much as you can of your project and then pretty things up for the tech demo after dinner at 5pm. Judging and awards are last and then it’s wrap up and go home.

Then you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve done more work in 2 days than most people do in months.

And then you may want to get some sleep.