What makes a good Startup Weekend idea?

04/01/2015 | By Yvette McKay

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Blog Submitted by: Ross Collicutt

What makes a good Startup Weekend idea? 

Startup weekend is all about the ideas. And it isn’t about the ideas.

A bad team won’t get far with even the best idea. Great times can take a mediocre idea and make it into something great.

Ideas at Startup Weekend have to be original, they can’t have already launched or have had substantial work on them already so you’ll be working on something very new.

Whatever it is, you’ll only be working on a minimum viable product version of it. There just isn’t time to make a suite of features so you’ll likely only focus on one thing. Getting a working demo of that features will be your goal. See this for what a minimum viable product is https://hbr.org/2013/09/building-a-minimum-viable-prod/. It will be an important idea over the course of the weekend!

Here are a few ideas from some other startup weekends around the globe.

Coordy App: iPad app customized to your body that you can drag and drop clothes on to see how they will fit.

Colish: find people with the same perspectives, professions and other things so they would get along and be able to share a house together better.

FutsalMatch: an app to help Futsal players find other places that want to play, organize a game and find a venue.

Patungan: Easy cost sharing between friends when you buy presents and want to share costs.

Koffee: meeting like-minded people around you for coffee.

InfitiniteLooks: Shows you what to wear today based on your mood and wardrobe.

CoHabit: Keep track of to do list items with your roomies.

Hopefully that gets your creative juices flowing and helps you come up with many great ideas.

See you April 17 for Startup Weekend Nanaimo!