Ummm, what’s a pitch?

03/26/2015 | By Yvette McKay

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Ummm, what’s a pitch? How to present at Startup Weekend.

Pitching is a huge part of startup culture. If you want to let anyone know what you are doing, then you’re pitching them your idea. Whether it’s  giving an elevator pitch to a group at a networking event or going through a slide tech with potential investors, they are only going to understand and help you if you give a good pitch.

You have to convince them that you have the best team and the best idea.

How do you do it right?

Pitching is hard. No one is born to do pitches. Maybe Steve Jobs was but he might be a little bit of an exception. We’ve pulled together some good pitching resources to get you started. Remember that you’ll be doing 2 pitches at Startup Weekend Nanaimo. You’ll have 1 minute Friday night to convince potential teammates to help you build out your idea. Then you’ll have 5 minutes to convince the judges that your idea and team is best and win the internet.. I mean the weekend. 

Dragon’s Den - 5 Steps to the Perfect Business Pitch

How to Pitch by Aron Solomon, senior advisor with MaRS Discovery District’s education practice and coach at Startup Weekend Toronto

The Best Startup Pitch Desk: How to present to Angels by J. Skyler Fernandes, Managing Director at Simon Venture Group

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And the biggest tips from those resources?

Showcase yourself and your team. It’s not entirely about the idea. It’s about the team that could carry that implement that idea. People might work with a mediocre idea but they aren’t going to work with people they don’t like.

Short and sweet. You’ll have one minute Friday night to pitch your idea and 5 minutes Sunday night to pitch and demo. It’s not much time. Make an impact with it.

Be clear. If people don’t understand what you are talking about, they aren’t going to do join your team or vote for your idea. Start off with a short elevator pitch and fill in the details from there.

Tell a story. People relate to stories. You won’t have much time but a story can pull people into the problem your team is solving.