Startup Weekend! What’s the big deal?

11/10/2014 | By Kolton Gagnon

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startup-weekendThis is Why!

The world is full of people who dream about better products, a brighter future, more enriched experiences, and human beings living better lives. They dream about Earth 2.0. In little ways and big ways, they dream about the next chapter of humanity. If that seems a little too fluffy, then let me dial it back to something a little more tangible.

They grab ahold of something they are passionate about, and lean in, despite the odds. And it’s not about the money. Take for example GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling, she dreamed about a world where there were more women in engineering and technical studies. So she created a series of toys, designed for girls, that introduced them to engineering and spatial challenges.

There are plenty of great examples in homegrown entrepreneurship too!

Smart Skin Technologies, Q1 Labs (which sold to IBM), Radian6 (which sold to Salesforce), and HotSpot Parking (which, by the way, started as a Startup Weekend project!). Countless other Startup companies are in the works and well on their way to success. It all starts with someone’s idea, and with desire to make change.

This is your chance to make your mark by starting something. It will also put you in direct contact with mentors who have been there! Who can help to get your idea off the ground and rally people around it. This is your chance to make the next product that keeps customers coming back for more, or to use your idea as a force for good.

You can’t do it from the sidelines. You’ve got to get in the game (and get your ticket)

And you’ve got nothing to lose.

Don’t believe me? Take it from those who have been there.