Compello Drives Their Way To Winning Best MVP

11/12/2014 | By Sarah Lenarcic

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By Nahel Jarmakani, Startup Weekend Winner

Startup Weekend is a great story of creation and collaboration. Over 50 complete strangers arrived at a space at Humber College Lakeshore Campus on Friday night not really sure what to expect, but eager to build the next big technology startup. I initially pitched “CleanCommute”, an idea I've had in my head for a few months, and the audience loved it. Attendees of Startup Weekend chose “CleanCommute” as one of the top 10 ideas, and groups where formed by choice. Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs gravitated to the ideas they liked the best and the leaders they believed in most. Our 5 person team included a great mix of talent in design, development and business and we were excited to create something solid over the course of the weekend.


What followed was a series of customer validation surveys, interviews, brainstorming and feedback. The unique thing about this event is you have quick access to feedback from over 75 potential customers, including some truly great mentors. It is worth acknowledging HumberLaunch for the great job they did in delivering a well-organized event.

And thus Compello was born. Latin for “drive together”, Compello is a ridesharing software platform whose mission is to offer event attendees a fun, convenient and affordable way to carpool to and from an event. Besides saving users time and money, Compello helps connect people with common interests. For event organizers, the platform offers attendees an additional option for commuting to and from their event. Having won the award for best Minimum Viable Product (MVP) at Startup Weekend, what’s next for the team is to really validate the idea at an event and build a functional MVP.


To conclude, can you remember how many times you have had an idea in your head, which died at the next sight of a “similar startup” or with the next person that challenged you? Well I am here to tell you that through Startup Weekend, our idea can came to life in more ways than we could imagine. And you JUST might have some fun and meet some great people along the way!

Creation and collaboration…

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