So Who Is Going To Judge Your Pitch? Meet The Panel!

10/21/2014 | By Sarah Lenarcic

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By Angela Thibert

Angela is a student volunteer for Startup Weekend Etobicoke

We hope you are getting excited for Startup Weekend Etobicoke, I know I am! We are only 3 days away now, and you have already met all of the mentors. Now it’s time to meet the judges.

These judges will be listening to Sunday night team pitches and decide which team has the best solution validation, business model,  and user experience design.

Andrew White

Andrew White_5485-3000pix

Andrew is the President and COO of CHAR Technologies Inc.  During his graduate studies at U of T, his passion for technology and the environment led him to co-invent the product SulfaCHAR, a zero-waste solution for the natural gas industry. He has bee very successful in his efforts and has won various awards for his entrepreneurial pursuits.

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith

Kevin is the Chief Story Architect at Impact Assured Business Services, a company that helps tech startups and social enterprises maximize their impact. He helps to do this by focusing on a variety of different areas such as communication and branding strategies, sales, and video/design.  Prior to his role today, he has spent 14 years at Dell Canada and 20 years in sales, tech and marketing.

Ben Zlotnick

Ben Zlotnick April 14

Ben is the founder of INcubes Accelerator, a firm developed solely to helping startups. Aside from this, he has also launched many startups of his own, including one of the most successful Landscape & Construction companies in Toronto. Along with this wealth of experience, he also carries a business degree from York University.

Ferhan Bulca


Ferhan is the CEO of Acumyn Inc, where he has devoted his time to making radiation therapy devices safe for use. Aside from this role, he is also the creator and lead instructor for the Business Innovation Certificate program at U of T. His areas expertise includes new business design and implementation, product and service development, and strategic planning and execution

Startup Weekend provides a great opportunity to pitch to a panel of professionals from the entrepreneur and investment community who are excited to share their knowledge and provide valuable feedback.

The event is coming up fast and it’s sure to be a crazy ride! Follow us on Twitter to stay connected. @SWEtobicoke #SWE2014