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01/24/2015 | By Startup Weekend Hong Kong

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Startup Weekend Hong Kong was one of the most hands-on experiences I've had for learning about startups, it's really a great place to make friends who are passionate, active and ready for challenges. Our team consisted of a designer, a full stack from silicon valley, two marketing managers, two business consultants and a fulltime programmer. We were constantly challenged by our mentors and the team built a strong bond through hard work, team spirit and persistence.

It really wasn't easy but it was more than rewarding. To me, SWHK was a great lesson to learn more about my strengths and weakness; to run through a business idea and build a prototype within 54 hours was a great reminder of how quickly a team can move at full speed. I also built valuable connections at SWHK, in which a friend became a mentor of my current startup - JOBDOH.

Startup Weekend Hong Kong


After startup weekend, I was determined to head down the startup path. Knowing that having a great team with a validated idea is the key to a successful startup, I was very lucky to meet my cofounders Xania and Eric at the Google EYE programme. Our group camped at cafes twice a week to build our business model and prototype until we received our first funding from Cyperport. That was one of the first breakthroughs for us, also the one that gave the three of us the courage in working on JOBDOH fulltime.


I have learnt so much over the past year, some of the most useful ones are being able to accommodate to changes, act fast and build quickly. Being in a startup is like riding a roller-coaster sometimes, especially on bad days where you get more rejections in a day that in a year and of course awesome days when we win an award or get funding. It is almost like a sport, a continuous learning process and one of the biggest challenges that we faced was in product development. We tried to cater to too many different customer groups. Since we spent a lot of time on perfecting a product for very different groups, tweaking our service and product over and over was quite draining for the team and we ended up with a product that tried to do too much rather than a great product that focused on a segment.


We have now chosen a vertical to focus on now and that made the process flow as well as the marketing and branding plans much clearer and effective. Another challenge we are facing now is talent and hiring. In the earliest stages of a business, the biggest investment made is often the employees, both from a monetary and trust standpoint. At the same time, it's important to build a good team and sometimes time is of the essence.


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Startup Weekend Hong Kong

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