Second day, Startup weekend in Dubrovnik

11/15/2014 | By NATASA MIRIC

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The second day started at 9:00 A.M. All  teams worked  hard the whole day developing their ideas into valid business plans at the University of Dubrovnik . This is a very important day for Startup Weekends because sometimes even the biggest ideas can fail if there is not a  good communication in the team.

This is where the mentors can help. They've joined the teams in the morning and at the afternoon to give guidance to our participants. Their advice's completed the missing parts of team's ideas with useful information.


The second Startup Weekend days was reported also by DuTV  which  took a few interviews with our participants. So if you have access to our local TV you can hear the experiences of the participants.

After lunch, Mrs Antonija Mršić from the Ministry of entrepreneurship and crafts had a presentation explaining all possible ways of the Ministry to finance a startup.  Later we also had a lecture from Mr. Krešimir Macan explaining how to use PR in entrepreneurship, These lectures provided teams useful insights in order to make the ideas as solid as possible.

After the hard work, teams gathered at Restaurant Mimoza where we had a delicious dinner together.

Tomorow is  the big day! Teams will be pitching their ideas in front of the judges. Stay tuned :)