Interview with Andrea Bačíková

01/09/2018 | By Jakub Zelina

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After having participated in our first Startup Weekend in Prague, Andrea and her team managed to develop and execute a very impressive idea - Tripinder; this smart concept aims to draw together adventurous souls and give them a hand arranging their trips. Since our last interview with Andrea, Tripinder has progressed a great deal; therefore, don't miss this chance to catch up with the latest info.


Hi Andrea, thanks for your time. What phase of your life did we manage to currently reach you in?

Hi, greetings! Honestly, the time between November and December is one of the craziest times of the year. You caught me during a period of pretty difficult networking that meets research and development that are going on at Tripinder.  

So far Tripinder managed to create an interesting community of travelling enthusiasts, how do you feel within the group?

Exactly, we are thrilled that we managed to, without paid media communication for now, involve not only the travellers themselves but also organisers and experience gift agencies that believe in us and plan trips with us.

As a matter of fact, on 5th December you organized a Tripinder community meeting; could you tell us something more about this event?

To be specific, we started with a smaller meeting for a group connected with Tripinder - Tripinder: Girls on the road. A girls-only travel group was missing from the Czech travel market and we decided to fill this gap and prepare regular meetings with certain topics, that girls needed while travelling. This time they were able to meet participants of the Low cost race who came and shared their experience, and also answered questions of girls who were considering travelling low cost or even taking part in the race.

The meeting of the whole community and its concept is still in the planning phase, we want to try something new again, something that people do not know from regular meetups.  

Tripinder is a relatively new platform; are you planning on introducing any further upgrades to the already existing system?

We cannot wait for showing our users the upgrades that we are preparing, the first changes will be visible within two weeks. We do not want to give away more at this point but you have certainly something to look forward to. Besides that we have another interesting idea that could make the process of organising co-travelling even easier for our users.

As a Startup Weekend attendee, is there any message or a piece of advice you'd like to share with the future participants?

As a participant of the spring Startup Weekend and an audience-member of the education Startup Weekend I can only recommend attending. The feedback and learning about the process in spring helped me to start working on my project and I still use the contacts I made in that time today, and they are priceless.