Interview with Andrea from Tripinder

08/22/2017 | By Martin Andrle

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Hello Andrea, how is everything? How did you enjoy your summer?

Hey, thank you, I am doing great. I’m still busy working but I’m also enjoying the perfect weather and summer we now have in Prague. I went surfing for a week but now I don’t miss water too much. You can still meet me kayaking and paddle boarding close to the city center though.

Could you tell us why you decided to participate in startupweekend despite having already a lot of work experience? What were your expectations?

I already had an idea in my head before I had heard about startupweekend from my friend. He told me that the best place to put it into practice and test it was an event like yours. First, I just went there to see the process of converting an idea into a real business. When I then saw the people and the atmosphere I decided to pitch my idea.

Today (17.8.) you launched the beta version of your app - tripinder where you have more than 15 trips already. How did you spread the word about it?

As Tripinder is and will always be based on community and cooperation, I first started to spread the word about it among travelers while attending their meetups. Also my friends who liked the idea started to share it among their friends and colleagues.

How difficult was it for you, being someone with no extensive technical skills, to manage launching it?

From the very beginning I knew it will not be easy but I was lucky enough to have found two digital agencies. After we agreed on how MVP should look like I simply chose one. Now we are working as a team talking about the future possibility of an official partnership and project development.

Are there any reasons why people from the corporate environment should attend startupweekend from your point of you?

Of course! What I really appreciate is how open-minded and generous the people I met in the “startup world”, which is quite new to me, are.

In many ways, it changed my thinking and behavior in my everyday working life. I realized the same principles can be used in both regular businesses and startups. As they say, sharing is caring :)

Is there anything you would like to add? Feel free to do it :)

I hope you all are enjoying this summer with your friends and family and if you are traveling, that’s even better! I really think it makes you richer and it expands your horizons.