Interview with Entrepreneur and Technical Lead – Michal Kacerik

02/10/2017 | By Martin Andrle

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Another mentor is coming from the country well-known for their halušky, tatranský čaj, and beautiful mountains. At least one of these three things he fell in love with. Michal is incredibly humble and talented person. Read it!

Who are you? What do you do? What’s your background?

A passionate entrepreneur and team lead with a technical background, sense for product and marketing, also an active supporter of the Slovak startup eco-system, and to compensate all the workload he is also a mountaineering instructor, traveler and a geek full of energy.

He spent several years living in Austria, then traveled the world a bit as a digital nomad and is living now in Bratislava. Besides, he loves to write about himself in 3rd person and irony.

You currently work as a CTO at SaferPass and you co-founded BeeSafe. I bet you went through so many up and downs that armed you with awesome stories, but more importantly for our audience. “How the hack you can manage to do so many things?” Tell us your secret power :)

Yeah, it is a rollercoaster, I usually do not get bored that is for sure! :) Mountains and sport help me a ton to keep myself from “running circles” and to recharge my batteries. I’m trying not to waste time with unimportant stuff and surrounding myself with the right people, so we can support each other.

What kind of help could get the participants from you at the Startup Weekend Prague?

After winning 2 Startup weekends and mentoring several ones, the most important thing was to focus on the right tasks, because you have only around 50 hours, but if you use them right you can achieve a lot! With the right direction, I can help you for sure, except that I’m good with validation, marketing, the technical part of the project and what to include inside the presentation.

Why would you suggest our audience in Prague to join the next Startup Weekend?

You will meet awesome people who might change the world one day, or maybe you will, who knows :) The mentors will help you a lot. You will learn how to validate an idea, and based on that to move forward either with your current project or with one in the future.

What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself based on your current experiences?

That is a tough one, I’m very thankful for my life and all the chances I have taken, and one can always do better. But this is rather a philosophical discussion over a beer :)

Anything you want to add :)

You can achieve a lot, just stop talking, looking for excuses and start! ;) Do not forget to install to protect your online accounts. And if you think I can help you somehow, just connect me. via Facebook or LinkedIn