Prizes at the Startup Weekend Prague 2017

02/08/2017 | By Ricardo Monagas

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Node5 Co-Working Space

The Startup Weekend is coming closer and we are really excited for all the knowledge and experiences you will get during the event. Also, you should be excited for the interesting prizes that you can receive. Take a look at the list below.

Everyone can be looking for the following prizes:


1. Central European Startup Guide: Get to know about the Startup Scene, fundraising and employee equity in the Central Europe based on the experiences of Andrej Kiska Jr. of Credo Ventures.

2. Creative Tim and ThemeIsle Web Templates: Make your landing pages or websites easily with the templates that we will provide you during the event. There is no coincidence that template you will have the chance to use is called Get Shit Done from Creative Tim and any other which would fit your idea from ThemeIsle.

3. Node5 5-Day Passes: All the participants that finish the StartupWeekend will receive a 5-day Pass to work in Node5 Co-Working Space, the only condition is that it has to be used until July 2017.

4. Discount Coupons from Martinus: It is up to you which book you want to buy, but here is a little advice from Martin Andrle - SW list.

5. Culcharge Handy USB.


The winners can expect following prizes:


1. Node5 Co-Working Space: Run your project from a great co-working space. Here are the details:

a. 2 months Flexi Resident to the first place.

b. 2 months Flexi Resident to a selected team based on the decision of the judges.

2. Consultation Hours with 2Fresh and mentors from ESA BIC Prague: Receive incredible knowledge and feedback for the progress of your startups with a team of Design Experts and mentors of the Space Program in Prague. The prize consists:

a. First Place: 6 hours of 2FRESH mentoring & 6 hours of ESA BIC mentoring.

b. Second Place: 4 hours of 2FRESH mentoring & 4 hours of ESA BIC mentoring.

c. Third Place: 2 hours of 2FRESH mentoring & 2 hours of ESA BIC mentoring.

3. Books from Martinus: Buy any books from the Martinus library. This prize will offer you 75 EUR of credit for your team.

4. Access to Zeerat Analytical Tool: Record the activity of your website’s users with the goal to understand the behavior and improve your sales. The prize has:

a. 600 EUR of credit for the platform usage in the first place.

b. 120 EUR of credit for the platform usage in the second and third place.

Let us know if you have any other prize ideas and we can try to get them for you :). We hope that you will all enjoy the benefits of being part of the Startup Weekend.

Feel free to invite your friends and start the path and make your ideas come true. See you!.