Intro to organising team of Startup Weekend Prague

02/19/2017 | By Martin Andrle

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Let's take a look at people who are responsible for bringing this event to Prague after 5 years. At the end, you can expect one pic from their meetings.

For each organizer we have the same set of questions:

  1. Introduce yourself in one sentence.
  2. Why did you decide to organize the event?
  3. Why should attendees spend their weekend at SWPrague and not elsewhere?

Martin Andrle

  1. I love to create platforms for people, which defines me as a designer.
  2. I experienced the event from almost any point of view. After the success of this event in Oulu, I decided to bring it back to Prague. 
  3. It is a great opportunity to learn lean methods how to validate your initial business idea, meet like-minded people and create life-term relationships. One day, maybe, start your own business. I personally saw a couple of very successful stories which started their journey at Startup Weekend.

Zuzana Maderová

  1. Creating and nourishing human relations to bring more empathy into this world.
  2. I like forming a space powered by the right knowledge where young people can grow personally and professionally.
  3. To not miss an event where self-driven people, innovative concepts, and experienced mentors meet as these elements are the proper conditions to turn your ideas into reality.

Lukáš Hudeček

  1. I am a founder known for giving birth to one of the oldest seed Accelerator in Europe called StartupYard and running event and workspace for entrepreneurs Node5.
  2. Weekend hackathons are one of the best possible ways to give a taste of hardship of startup life.
  3. Because there’s 98% probability that your attendance at SWPrague will positively affect your personal and professional life forever.

Jan Antonín Kolář

  1. I build projects in a pursue to find hidden value.
  2. I attended in 2012 the first StartupWeekend in Prague. This experience inspired me to start community living called Techsquat and start a project in a field of transportation. I consider StartupWeekend as a great way to build and lead stuff from others. And I like Martin Andrle.
  3. Making a right decision in life is about perspectives, StartupWeekend provides a good one.

Ricardo Andres Monagas Medina

  1. Helping tech startups to make their ideas come true.

  1. I like the idea to motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to challenge themselves and kickstart one project in 54 hours. I want to build this experience in Prague since it’s a city which has given me a lot of opportunities in these 3 past years. Furthermore, I’ve already participated in two Startup Weekends (Caracas and Berlin) and now, I want to participate in another role as an organizer.

  1. It’s the place you want to be: expand your network with like minded people, meet your next co-founders, validate your idea and enjoy a great time. Definitely a good way to spend one weekend.