Interview with multidisciplinary designer Vladimír Mokrý

01/25/2017 | By Martin Andrle

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It is a pleasure to introduce you one of our mentors. Vladimír Mokrý. He is an incredible designer, well, read it :)

Who are you? What do you do? What’s your background?

My name is Vladimír. I am a full-stack designer. I can think about your service from business and product perspective and also focus on designing interface or visual marks. I studied Visual Art at the Pedagogic Faculty in Brno so I am an art teacher. One day I will get enough courage to return to teaching.


You have recently finished an incredible project 366letter, what did you learn from it? What was even your motivation to draw a letter for every single day?

I was overwhelmed of my usage of social networks, Facebook particularly. So last year around Christmas I decided to delete my profile entirely. Aside from feeling empty and having FOMO for first weeks, it had some positives. People daily spend around 50 minutes on social networks so now I had plenty of free time. The drawing was a suitable idea for me, so I started and developed a habit.


What kind of help could get the participants from you at the Startup Weekend Prague?

From product strategy, user experience and interface to unproductive discussions about small visual details that do not matter at this stage of the product. Yes, I will be that guy to tell you to move to the next problem.

Why would you suggest our audience in Prague to join the next Startup Weekend?

You will meet awesome people with different backgrounds and views and you will learn by doing. Which is so far the best way to acquire new skills and knowledge.

What advice would you give to the younger version of yourself based on your current experiences?

Stop playing video games; there is so much stuff to learn. Seek more experienced peers. Travel more. Don’t post photos on the internet, open discussions with locals. They will give you new insights.

Anything you want to add :)

After finishing 366letter, I continue to draw random stuff on my instagram vmokry. It is not related to anything, so that's why you should peek in.