Interview with Honza Veselý

07/04/2017 | By Martin Andrle

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Who are you? What do you do? What’s your background?

Currently, my focus lies on helping young people to find their place in the world of work via Alliance for YOUth, which I’m coordinating in the Czech Republic, and IBM Smarter University. The magnitude of disengagement in our society is overwhelming and we need a strong team effort to overcome it.

During the last few years, I was also leading teams of extraordinary people who brought to life brands like Vodafone Foundation Laboratory, EduFórum (networking events connecting innovative minds in education) and Inovátoř (projects focused on eliminating waste of time, money, energy and creative potential of innovators).

I’m sharing parental leave with my wife because I don’t want to miss the single chance to see my kids growing up. And yes, it’s by far the most hardcore personal development program I’ve ever attended.

This particular Startup Weekend is focused on innovation in the field of education. Where do you see the biggest opportunities?  

New technology brings access to education for everyone around the world, which is absolutely fantastic.

But the real opportunity I see is that we will have time to actually care about more than a just scalable delivery of information and good learning techniques. And that is getting back to basics like “why are we learning this” or “what is the vision of the educational system” etc. But on a whole new level with incredible technological support.

In your opinion, how will education change in 10 years?

I hope that it will be even more democratic and accessible anywhere to everyone. And it will be much more fun to learn. But I’m also sure that these new challenges we’re facing, like fake news, will be even worse, much harder to tackle, and we have to be ready for that.

What is your approach to mentorship? What can participants of Startup Weekend Prague expect from you?

I can help to see the risks and to think about their mitigation. And I really like connecting the right people.

Why do you think that people should join Startup Weekend Prague EDU?

Because education is an incredibly important topic. And this kind of events can create solutions for the problems we’re facing. You’d better have a good excuse if you’re not coming!

If you became a high-school teacher for one day, what would you teach and why?

Nothing. I would create a blank space for the kids to be with themselves without the overwhelming fight for their attention. And by that, I don’t mean just social media but everybody, including teachers. I believe kids actually need less and not more of anything.

What has been the biggest lesson in your life so far?

I found my ikigai.