Facilitator Andrei at the next Startup Weekend Aarhus

10/08/2015 | By Mette-Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

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We are happy to introduce you Andrei Cosmin Munteanu who will be the facilitator at Startup Weekend Aarhus which takes place from October 30 to November 1.

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Andrei is a tech savvy guy from Romania who likes to travel. He has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and is currently juggling between working with a great team of programmers and organizing startup and tech related events in the western part of Romania.

We asked Andrei how he got involved in Startup Weekend.

His first experience with Startup Weekend was when he attended the very first edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara. “From the moment I got hooked to this phenomenon. It was just awesome. The adrenaline ad the thrills of bring a participant were just wow. I liked it so much that I had to get involved even more so I pinged the organizing team in Timisoara about helping them out, I got to helping them out at the 2nd edition. After that, I was so pumped that we discussed about spreading this awesome concept in other cities so we ended up on doing a Startup Weekend in my hometown, Oradea. It was after the 3rd edition of Startup Weekend Timisoara that I decided to take things to the next level: see startup communities and awesome people from other countries - so I applied to become a facilitator. I’ve been a global facilitator for Startup Weekend from the beginning of 2015 and I can say just one thing.. It’s awesome!”

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People are what makes Startup Weekend events amazing!

Andrei says that each Startup Weekend experience was unique in its own way. “From the wide rage of emotions that pass by when you´re participating to the moment when you facilitate for the first time and have a 13 year old as a participant. I definitely wouldn’t forget the moment we had to carry a fridge across the street (while organizing Startup Weekend Oradea) from a building to another”.

Andreis 5 tips to the participants at Startup Weekend Aarhus

  1. Have fun!
  2. If you didn’t register yet, do so! Startup Weekend is an amazing event and the amount of learning and hands on experience you get is one of a kind!
  3. You must pitch!
  4. Be careful with your pitch - you want to make sure you express yourself, keep it simple and also attract the attention of other participants -  all in 60 Seconds!
  5. Get the most out of Startup Weekend Aarhus - check the mentors in advance, make sure you talk to them. Don’t be shy - they’re awesome!

(Get tips on how to make the perfect pitch from our blog)

This is why you should attend Startup Weekend Aarhus in Andreis’ opinion

”It’s all about the people and the learning experience. It’s unique. You get a chance to meet like-minded people from various backgrounds and work together while getting a shot at your ideas. It’s also one of the most efficient ways to validate your idea and get feedback from skilled mentors”.

We are looking so much forward to have Andrei as facilitator for Startup Weekend Aarhus. We hope you do as well!

You can still get your ticket for Startup Weekend Aarhus but hurry up, WE ONLY HAVE FEW TICKETS LEFT! Read more and get your ticket here: http://www.up.co/communities/denmark/aarhus/startup-weekend/6938

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