From global to local

11/01/2015 | By Mette-Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

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I was so amazed by all the foreigners at this years’ Startup Weekend, so I wanted to find out how many nationalities we have represented here. ARE YOU READY FOR IT...?

SIXTEEN! 16 is the number of nationalities we have represented here at Startup Weekend Aarhus 2015. Actually, two of the participants flew in from UK just for this event - how cool is that!?

The following nationalities are represented: Monte Negro, Lithuania, Estonia, China, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Iceland, Syria, UK, France, Poland, Germany, Romania, Italy, Slovakia, and Denmark


According to one of the Danish participants, Anne from Workout, the variety of nationalities makes the working dynamic better and gives an insight into the different cultures. In Anne’s team there are participants from five different countries. ”I actually didn´t think there would be that many foreigners, but it is so cool that they are here!” – Anne from Workout

Lise from Dently thinks that it gives great diversity to work across disciplinary cultures. It makes it more scalable and it creates a larger knowledge foundation.

Startup Weekend facilitator, David Andersen, says, “It generates a new dimension to gather so many cultures at the event. This means that by being at this event you can potentially get network in all of these different countries”.

We are so proud and grateful that Startup Weekend Aarhus attracts people from all over the world.