International cool crowd gather in Aarhus to pitch the future of health

02/12/2016 | By Sander Jensen

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Startup Weekend Health begins almost slowly this cold dark winter night in Aarhus in Denmark at the VIA Health College Campus. The dim light inside the big building has attracted adventures and bright minds from places like Chile, Belgium, Peru, China, Ukraine and off course Denmark to participate in this years Startup Weekend in Aarhus.

But as soon at people gather inside in small groups the calm evening quickly changed to curiosity and suddenly the big hall was buzzing with conversations, manly in English with dozens of accents from all over the world.

After a light dinner with a big nice sandwich with a beer or a soda the pitching begins. Facilitator Michel Duchateau from Belgium briefs about the following exciting days, introduces the mentors and then then pitching begins.

3D-printers, engineers, lawyers, medical students, physicists, and all sorts of different people from all over the world pitch their ideas – and people clap and support the ideas – however crazy they are… Because right now anything goes.

- Are you ready? Michel shouts. – Yeaaaaa!, the crowd roars. Let the Startup party begin. :-)

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