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11/01/2015 | By Teresa Santos

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Some of the most important people in the Startup weekend are our mentors. They spend hours supporting the teams, helping them how to reach their goals and ideas, and training them for the following pitches. We were interested in knowing a little bit more about one of our mentor’s experiences in the Startup Weekend and how it has influenced his life so far.


David Andersen is a Startup Weekend veteran as he started organizing the event since 2012. After his first time in Startup Weekend he was a bit hesitant in participating again as he thought it would be ‘’just another weekend like the previous one’’, but once he started he didn’t want to stop. David tells us that Startup Weekend is like a drug, and after the first time it becomes an addiction because it’s so much fun. He has been travelling around Europe as an organizer and afterwards became a facilitator. This year it’s his first time as a mentor and he can’t hide his excitement. Although he is the youngest mentor we have this year, his experience is very much valuable. David is the founder of Bagvendt, a tech and design company that helps clients building prototypes in order to take an idea to the final product. Our newly mentor started his first business when he was 10 years old selling Christmas products and worked in a shop from 11 to 18 years old. All these years working for someone else made him forget how much he loved being an entrepreneur and how it was important for him being involved in businesses. His first participation in the Startup Weekend when he was 20 reminded him about his passion and from that time on he decided to get back to his roots. According to David, the best aspect of being an entrepreneur is the freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to work with great people.

The top 3 advices David gives to our teams during the Startup Weekend Aarhus are:

  • Always use your imagination;
  • Validate your ideas in order to find out how to make money out of it;
  • Enjoy the journey and celebrate the small things.

About these year’s experience, David is amazed with the atmosphere, the interaction between the participants and the amazing work that all the teams are developing. He secretly tells us that there is at least one teamidea that has a great potential to grow in the future.

Indeed, amazing things are happening this weekend and this experience is going to be a life changer for many people here. We can’t wait to see and to announce which team will win this exciting contest! Stay with us !!

By Teresa Santos and Mette Marie Rathmann Erenskjold