Open data and how to use it as a startup

10/03/2015 | By Mette-Marie Rathmann Erenskjold

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There is currently a lot of buzz involving Open Data so you have probably already heard of it?

But do you know how to use is as a startup? No?

Then we welcome you to our pre-event with the theme of Open Data and how to use it as a startup. You will also get an introduction to the Startup Weekend concept and to the “Business Model Canvas” model.

We have found some exiting people to inspire you and they will share their know-how gathered from the inside of Aarhus Kommune and from brand new business working in the area. We are very excited to announce that with the kind help from Aarhus Kommune, we will be able provide you with access to resources of Open Data.

We are happy to announce our speakers for the event:

First speaker is Open Data Aarhus, which is a Smart Aarhus project and aims to release data and make it freely available to everyone in order to make it possible for developers, entrepreneurs and businesses to develop new and innovative services on top of the data. Read more about Open Data Aarhus:

Second speaker is Frederik Agge Ronex who is an expert on Gamification and Creating your own Data. He is occupied with using Gamification to generate Data.

Third and final speaker is Daniel Juhl who is co-funder and CEO og Kodyl Aps. The company have actively used open data since its first service was launched in 2011. For many internet based startups acces to open data can be a shortcut to success and/or faster growth but no matter how fantastic a product or service you build, it is not worth anything without data.

Here is the agenda for the event: Arrival

16.30-16.45 Welcome

16.45-17.15 Three speakers

17.15-18.00 Workshops with speakers

17.30-18.30 How to prepare yourself / Business Model Canvas

Are you ready? This is going to be exciting!

Share this free event with your freinds now - and register on the eventsite:

We are very much looking forward to see you!