Pitching from the Valley of Death

02/13/2016 | By Sander Jensen

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Saturday at Startup Weekend Health began very good and bright with the sun shining inside the gymnastic hall at VIA Health Campus where eight teams where developing new innovative ideas to improve the health sector.

They all worked hard getting the business idea ready for the eight mentors that all are very experienced entrepreneurs, innovative managers and successful business people. People that could give professional feed back and maybe even be a future partner.

As the morning turned into afternoon the teams where meeting with the mentors and suddenly the ideas met the first reality check. The mentors tested and challenged the business idea, the liable product, the market, the target grout etc. etc. To the bone. Hard but fair.

Typically, the Saturday afternoon is called the valley of death because people now face a crucial point of no return. A point where the idea must be more concrete and prove its survivability. Actually the mentors weren’t that happy and now many of the participants had to focus and gather all their energy to get ready for the first pitching round.

With courage and a straight back, the teams one after one presented the ideas for a selected panel of mentors and their fellow strugglers – and well – it went good! The crises from the valley of death was overcome and all teams could be proud and continue towards the snow covered mountain range called Sunday presentation!

Mentors are:

Tom Quast, Henrik Ernst, Finn Støy, Thomas Fogt Jensen, Dorthe Stricker, Sussi Bianco Nielsen, Lasse Chor, Gyda Bay, Bjørn Salskov and Kristian Jenssen-Tusch

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