Enter the future market of Health Industry

01/14/2016 | By Arturs Avramenko

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


Even though the five speakers have different focal points they all agreed on one important advice for the future health entrepreneurs: Build a minimum viable version of your solution and get feedback from the ones who are going to use it. No matter if it is the municipality, private users or someone else entirely – get it tested as soon as possible.

Sussi Bianco hosted the pre-event and explains that the purpose of this kind of set-up is to raise the quality of health innovation on a larger scale. The last three years the Startup Weekend team have focused on creating a ecosystem around health innovation in Aarhus and to grow a pay-it-forward mentality. We have made Startup Weekends with a health theme three times and in the past three years grown a network of entrepreneurs involved with the health care industry who are ready to share their knowledge and experience to current and future health entrepreneurs.

As different as the speakers were, as various were the participants at the event. And diversity is one of the key factors in a successful Startup Weekend.

Join us on 12th February here:  http://aarhus.up.co/events/8326

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